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Final fantasy x mixing guide
Final fantasy x mixing guide

Final fantasy x mixing guide

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mixing final fantasy x guide

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Dec 30, 2001 - <>Final Fantasy Shortened Mix List<> <>version 2.35 - 12/30/31 from the wonderful guide written by CB! a shortened mix list, arranged by Dec 20, 2001 - Final Fantasy X (US) "Mix" List -- -- by CB! (Christine Bomke, -- -- Final Version, 12/20/01 -- LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This guide A Final Fantasy site offering media, information, guides, news and discussion forums on the Final Fantasy Insider Index Final Fantasy X Rikku's Mix List Sep 24, 2004 - This is much faster that scrolling thru entire guide. List of items Rikku can mix during her Overdrive. This is my first guide/ walkthrough | |I have ever made for Final Fantasy X-2, so | |if there are any errors you have spotted, | |please send your corrections to my Jul 6, 2014 - Final Fantasy X/Rikku Actions. Final PhoenixHeader FF10.png This is a complete list of Rikku's Overdrive, Mix, from Final Fantasy X. Final Phoenix, Revivies all dead allies with full HP. This time I will cover an interesting aspect of FFX-2 - it's the mix list of all 68 items you can Final Elixir, Restores all allies to full HP and MP, cures all negative status effects and revives all dead allies. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki . Name, Effect, Mix. . Ultra Potion recovers all allies' HP to full Rikku's Mix (??, Chogo?) Overdrive in Final Fantasy X allows her to combine any two items to Jul 4, 2013 - Mix (FFX). (Redirected from Rikku's Mix List).
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